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Nominated for Woman Entrepreneur of the year

" I believe listening is one of the most important skills to have when it comes to working with people, communication is second. I have built positive relationships within the workplace as well as my community using this skill set. "

JA smith construction Management provides a very unique service in the construction industry, Providing Indigenousness involvement for Government construction tenders.  Developing skillset and capacity for our highly skilled First Nation workers that naturally thrive in the construction industry. Our clients seek us out for our reputation and results. I believe personal referral says a lot about a company’s work ethics and that is JA Smith Construction Managements foundation.

As CEO I regularly review the short term and long term goals of JA Smith Construction Management. Setting goals is crucial for growth and success, celebrating the “Small” wins along the way is what’s sustainable. We are continually growing because of this strategy and expect to see a season of increase due to the desire I have to see us all grow together, I know helping others succeed is a sure way for you succeed. 

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